About Us

To God be the Glory for the Great things He hath done!

Mt. Calvary Evangelistic Center

In 1973 Steven E. Dailey turned his life around by accepting Jesus Christ
as Lord and Savior of his life. In 1979 he entered full time evangelistic ministry
organizing the Steven E. Dailey Evangelistic Association, Inc.

Ministry travels, led him and his team through-out the Midwest, north,
and regions of the south. After having meetings in scores of churches he
and the ministry team (The Gospel Light Singers) felt the leading of the Lord to
begin an Evangelistic Outreach Center for our hometown of Indianapolis.
Thus,the birth of the Mt. Calvary Evangelistic Center in the spring of 1981.

After worshiping on Sunday afternoons in 1981, for about 9 months in a double-wide
trailer at a church on the south-side of Indianapolis. The people felt like the
church should expand to a new location and begin holding normal weekly services.
After much prayer a building would be provided for miraculously by the Lord.

A church, located at 1840 Sloan Ave., would go through a dissolving process.
The attorney handling their affairs was also our attorney. He knew we were looking
for a building and that this church was dissolving and he took measures to make this
transaction possible. Since the church was non-profit they had to move their assets
to another like ministry. The Steven E. Dailey Evangelistic Association, Inc. met every
criteria and we acquired the property. We were able to acquire the property debt
free as well. This happened in December of 1981.

As the congregation grew from 35 to over 100 a building project became of interest.
From November 1985 to February of 1987 the men built a new sanctuary and an office addition.
Total building would increase from 3600 square feet to over 10,000 square feet.

By 1989 Pastor Dailey’s children were in schools becoming unfriendly to the Christian
cause. When sex education went from his son’s fifth grade class to his daughter’s
second grade class he said, “Enough is enough, we must start a Christian School to help
our children. Thus, the birth of the Mt. Calvary Christian Academy.

In the twenty years to follow the school would produce Pastor’s, teachers,
full-time Christian workers and children of Godly character. The students would get
scholarships to universities and colleges and also won first place medal honors
(and other top finishes) at the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE Ministries)
International Student Conventions. The conventions were for students from around
the world with as many as 4000 competing. With evangelism at his heart many of the
young people had a burden for lost humanity that also was birthed in their hearts.

In 1997 the ministry would purchase School 111 at 1780 Sloan Ave. The ministry
moved to this location leasing the 1840 property to a small infant Church. The ministry
would retain the 1780 property until May of 2005 when the Charter School Development Corp.
(Washington D.C. based and working directly under Congress) would purchase the 1780 property.
The land would be divided during the sale with 6 acres attaching to the 1840 property for
future building expansion.

During 2006 the people readjusted from the large facility at 1780 to the much smaller
one at 1840. The move, however, was refreshing. The ministry was planning for new construction
when Pastor Dailey’s Mother passed away in January of 2007. The death was followed by a
severe car crash of his Father which led to much rehabilitation and healing. The
Lord was with us at this time and all were thankful that no building was in progress.

In January of 2008 the time had come to begin the growth process and build. Property
was purchased at 1830 and 1846 both of which adjoin the Church property at 1840.
As of now we are attempting to add 10,000 square feet of new space that will house a
new Sanctuary and Sunday School space. Also, new office space, fellowship hall, and restrooms
will be apart of the new facility. We are excited and are anxiously awaiting the finish of
this new facility that will be a TOOL used for the Lord’s Ministry.

We are praying and are in 100% positive attitudes that this project will be finished.
Continue to pray as God takes our future and writes the pages of our History that will
be known and read by our children, grand children, and future generations.
In His service,

Dr. Steven E. Dailey Pastor